At the moment, student recruitment is suspended.

Thank you for your interest in CHIST. We encourage you to explore our campus virtually with our website or at one of our regular information events, open to the public. General application information is included, but we are here anytime to answer your specific questions.


For more information, please contact the CHIST admissions office:

It is highly recommended that you participate in SIS or School tours before submitting application documents.


Read the admission procedures
*If your child is applying to the grades upper G10, individual consultation must be booked before submission of application documents.

STEP 2 Student information form, health form, and confidential recommendation need to be downloaded from our website.
STEP 3 Submit application forms and testing fee
STEP 4 Application document screening
STEP 5 Notification of document screening result
STEP 6 Interview for Elementary School admission /Interview + exams for Middle School and High School admission
STEP 7 Notification of final result
STEP 8 Payment of school fees
STEP 9 Submit the enrollment documents


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