Education at CHIST

Education at CHIST

World Class 21st Century Cutting Edge Curriculum

Two values that are important to CHIST are the balance and blending of the UbT & UbC and the GSC & JNC. The other value we hold at CHIST is high-level literacy education  which will create a valuable education for the 21st century learners. With these values students will contribute to creating a more peaceful and happy environment for everyone.
Education at CHIST
Education at CHIST

UbT × UbC

(Understanding by Technology × Understanding by Communication)
CHIST promotes the balance of UbT (Understanding by Technology) and UbC (Understanding by Communication). UbT is a type of learning in which the students are able to develop understanding by using educational ICT tools. UbC refers to direct communication with classmates, teachers, family, community, nature, literature, and all living things on the Earth without the use of technology. Through communication, students reconstruct and deepen their own understanding of themselves and others. In these times, when the world is immersed with technology, it is important that communication without technology is valued. These values are upheld in the CHIST classrooms.
CHIST believes that the blending and balance of the two can produce a valuable new education in terms of 21st century education. For example, students could use a tablet to make a short video to show what they learned during a inquiry unit and then present it to those in the school community. From start to finish students would be able to document and store the content they create in a user friendly space. This single storage place then allows for the students themselves or their peers to review the product that was created, and give meaningful feedback. In addition to students reviewing their work together, they will also be able to invite their families to look at achievements that the student has made. It is through this type of activity that students are able to develop and present their understanding of the newly-acquired information. With this cycle of creating opportunities where technology and communication are blended students will be actively engaged and gain more encouragement and knowledge thus wish to pursue further inquiry.

The blending of UbT and UbC is a challenge that CHIST readily takes in order to be a leading institution within the world. It is through UbT and UbC that students are given the opportunities to gain a deeper understanding of the concept which leads to the development of self-directed learning attitudes and the abilities needed for solving complex problems all the while learning social skills necessary in creating peace and happiness in our world.



(Global Standard Curriculum × Japanese National Curriculum)
Another challenge that the educators at CHIST have taken on is the blending of the Global Standard Curriculum and the Japanese National Curriculum. To create this unique curriculum, CHIST teachers will be using the framework and approaches that are typical from the Global Standard Curriculum and incorporate core parts of the Japanese National Curriculum. Our reasoning to blend the Japanese National Curriculum with the Global Standard Curriculum is due to the fact that both are highly appreciated worldwide by both educators and families. It is then through this implementation of a blended curriculum that CHIST will be able to provide it’s students with a transformative educational experience leading them to be global citizens and most importantly lifelong learners.

High-Level Literacy Education

Through our focus on literacy, students will acquire the skills that will enable them to contribute to furthering the world's peace and happiness.

At CHIST, educators focus on the four areas below to incorporate the UbT education.


ICT Education
ICT education uses programs developed by researchers at universities and educational institutions in the United States that have been customized for CHIST.


Math Education
While based on international standard content and levels for arithmetic and mathematics education. CHIST also incorporates Japanese curriculum guidelines which is internationally recognized.


EAL Education
EAL stands for English as an Additional Language and our EAL programs are designed to improve the English skills for non-native speakers. CHIST also provides support for students who are particularly concerned about their English skills.


Japanese Education
For Japanese language ability, we determine the final goal at high school graduation and reverse-engineer the curriculum to achieve that goal.