Elementary School Curriculum

CHIST Curriculum

A holistic, inquiry-based curriculum

CHIST delivers a transdisciplinary approach to learning that emphasizes student-driven inquiry.


“Education is all a matter of building bridges.”
- Ralph Ellison -
At CHIST we strive to offer a holistic education that builds bridges across all subject specific curriculum, which in turn, allows students to see education as a web of interconnected information that can be applied to life outside of the classroom.

Inquiry based lessons will drive the students critical thinking skills and allow them to explore, hypothesize, experiment, and assess their own learning along with the learning of others.  The application of their knowledge – especially emphasizing the tools of Understanding by Technology and Understanding by Communication - is what takes their learning to a new level of understanding that every teacher at CHIST will nurture and guide.

CHIST focuses on building each student to be an active and aware participant in society that is equipped with the tools necessary for 21st Century success.
Dr. Margaret M. Fitzpatrick 
CHIST Elementary School Principal
Elementary school Principal
Dr. Margaret M. Fitzpatrick



This explains our Elementary School curriculum. At the Elementary School,

(1)    we apply a transdisciplinary approach to inquiry-based learning. (Blue)
(2)    the students study each subject independently. (Green)
(3)    the students study performance-based subject. (Red)

In inquiry-based learning, we offer ESL support to students who are particularly concerned about their English skills. For Japanese and Mathematics, we blend some parts of Japanese National Curriculum with our global standard curriculum. Some contents of Mathematics are learned in inquiry-based learning, and the other as standalone.
The sample Timetable of G1 Class

Arrival (8:15-8:30) Silent Reading in Homeroom Silent Reading in Homeroom Silent Reading in Homeroom Silent Reading in Homeroom Silent Reading in Homeroom
Morning Meeting   8:30-8:55  Homeroom Homeroom Homeroom Homeroom Homeroom
Period 1 – 8:55-9:35 MathTransdisciplinary inquiry-based learningMathTransdisciplinary inquiry-based learningMath
Period 2 – 9:35-10:15 Transdisciplinary inquiry-based learningTransdisciplinary inquiry-based learningTransdisciplinary inquiry-based learningLanguage ArtsTransdisciplinary inquiry-based learning
Tea Break – 10:15-10:30 Tea BreakTea BreakTea BreakTea BreakTea Break
Period 3 – 10:30-11:10 JapaneseLanguage ArtsTransdisciplinary inquiry-based learningTransdisciplinary inquiry-based learningLanguage Arts
Period 4 – 11:10-11:50Transdisciplinary inquiry-based learningTransdisciplinary inquiry-based learningTransdisciplinary inquiry-based learningTransdisciplinary inquiry-based learningJapanese
Lunch and Recess  –11:50-12:45 Lunch and RecessLunch and RecessLunch and RecessLunch and RecessLunch and Recess
Period 5 – 12:45-1:25ArtMusicPEMusicPE
Period 6 – 1:25-2:05ArtJapaneseJapaneseJapaneseTransdisciplinary inquiry-based learning
Period 7 – 2:05-2:25Language ArtsMath Language ArtsMathTransdisciplinary inquiry-based learning
Afternoon Meeting   2:30-2:45 Homeroom Homeroom Homeroom Homeroom Homeroom