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Chiyoda International School Tokyo MIDDLE SCHOOL
Opening Schedule:
An explanation of our Primary, Middle, and High School Divisions, and Scheduled Openings:
CHIST’s Primary School Program, including grades one through five, opened in April, 2018.

CHIST’s Middle School, including grades six through nine, will open in April, 2019 with grade six.
Grade seven will open in 2020; grade eight will open in 2021; and grade nine will open in 2022.

CHIST’s High School, including grades ten through twelve, will open in April, 2019 with grade ten.
Grade eleven will open in 2020; and grade twelve will open in 2021.

CHIST’s Diploma Program includes grades eleven and twelve, with grade eleven opening in 2020 and grade twelve opening the following year.
CHIST will begin granting high school diplomas at the school’s first graduation ceremony in March, 2022.
Opening DivisionGradeOpening Year
Elementary School One through Five 2018
Middle and High School Six and Ten 2019
Middle and High School Seven and Eleven 2020
Middle and High School Eight and Twelve 2021
Middle  School Nine 2022
Middle School and High School:
A Time of Exploration and Preparation
Middle School and High School naturally are times of great changes and emerging maturity for students. This makes it the perfect time for exposure to a wider range of subjects, skills, and experiences. Here at CHIST, our secondary school students are provided with a range of meaningful opportunities to explore and express their strengths through a curriculum that is, importantly, both global minded and student-centered. Our commitment to global mindedness honors the international outlook of our school community, emphasizing the cultivation of communication skills and international perspectives in English and Japanese, as well as other subjects including design, math, science, physical education and music. Our commitment to a student-centered curriculum motivates our emphasis on developing each student’s awareness of and management of his or her own learning process. Encouraging students to be mindful of their own learning, as well as their own thoughts and emotions, empowers their growing awareness of themselves and their world, and guides them to make good decisions.
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After School
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Preparing for a Global Future
We are preparing our students for a future we cannot wholly imagine and for jobs and career trajectories that do not even exist yet. Promoting global engagement, bilingualism, and cross-cultural understanding, our college preparatory curriculum builds on the global contexts first introduced and developed in the earlier grades. Where younger students asked, “Who are we?” older students will delve more deeply into identities and relationships and how they interact with the real world. Where younger students asked, “How do we organize ourselves?” older students will define globalization and sustainability in ways that elucidate which approaches to globalization may prove most sustainable. We continually invite our students to reflect on local, national and global communities, encouraging them to consider their current and future places in the world as well as how they might make the world a better place.






Community Service
CHIST students are expected to extend their classroom learning into the community with service-based activities. Each student is charged with reflecting upon both what learning insights to apply to community service, and what form that service should take. The school will publish and promote suggested community service activities and field trips throughout the year, but it is up each student to decide what he or she wants to do. These activities should cultivate each student’s awareness of injustices and unmet needs, while bringing students, faculty and staff together to create lasting and helpful partnerships the wider community. Community service is required for CHIST middle school and high school students, and each term each student must prepare a portfolio documenting his or her service journey with written reflections and photographs.
Humanitarian task
Animal protection

Events for Middle & High School

Meet the Principal
Applicants for grade six and ten will be available in late August, 2018. In the meantime, students interested in these grades are invited to make an individual appointment to meet with the middle school and high school principal and take a tour of the building. At this meeting, prospective students and their parents can expect to learn more about our middle school and high school program, and to discuss whether or how CHIST may be a good match for their educational goals and needs. Contact the Main Office to make an appointment.
Margaret FitzpatrickMargaret Fitzpatrick, PhD.
Make an Appointment to Meet the Principal
Schedule It will start at the end of August, 2018
Time Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 3PM to 6PM, or Friday 10AM to 6PM,
Venue Chiyoda International School Tokyo
Details The individual counseling sessions and school tours will be offered by Dr. Fitzpatrick, Middle School and High School Principal.
The sessions will be conducted in English.
One session takes approximately 45minutes

Meet the Principal


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Special Event
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"Meet the Teachers"!

Meet the Teachers

Schedule Saturday, September 8  10:00 to 12:00AM
Tuesday, October 9  6:00 to 7:30PM
Saturday, October 27  2:00 to 4:00PM
Venue Chiyoda International School Tokyo
Details The event will be delivered by the Middle School and High School Principal, Dr. Fitzpatrick, and some teachers to present our middle school and high school program.
The session will be conducted in English.

Meet the Teachers

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*Emergency contact number (in case of sudden cancellation etc.)
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Please do let us know at in case of cancellation.
You do not need to contact us if the number of participants change.

Sign-up for "School Info Session" !

School Info Session

Schedule Thursday, August 2  10:00 to 12:00AM
Venue Chiyoda International School Tokyo
Sign-up Sign-up now! (By 8 a.m. July 23)
Details - The Info Session will be delivered by the Head of School, Mr. Osako (in Japanese) .
- No parking space for cars or bicycles is available.
In case of the applications exceed the capacity, the lottery will be conducted and we may close the application form before July 23.

Notification day for those who sign up by noon July 23: 24 July
Please email us at if you do not receive an email by dates above.