UbT & UbC

Understanding by Technology × Understanding by Communication

CHIST promotes the balanced use of technology in the classroom with an emphasis on interpersonal, real-time interactions. UbT (Understanding by Technology) and UbC (Understanding by Communication) are equally encouraged across the curriculum. UbT emphasizes the use of educational technology for our modern classroom. UbC values direct communication with classmates, teachers, family, community, nature, literature and all living things on Earth in direct interactions.

Through communication, students reconstruct and deepen their understanding of themselves and others; without training in technology, our students will lack fundamental skills of our modern society. Both technology and communication must be equally valued in the 21st century classroom, and these values are upheld at CHIST.

Our approach at CHIST allows for the meaningful blend of technology and communication. During a unit of inquiry, for example, students create a video documenting and reflecting on their learning, and then present their video to the wider CHIST community, sparking real-time interactions with their peers and family.

By building cycles of opportunities for reviewing and sharing their documented learning, CHIST students apply their technological savvy within spaces of communication, collaboration and interaction. Students thus actively engage with learning, gaining encouragement and knowledge to motivate further inquiry. 

The blending of UbT and UbC is a 21st century challenge for our students and teachers in a world saturated by technology in this digital age. By maintaining a deliberate balance, CHIST fosters the social skills necessary for true collaboration and dialogue in order to solve complex problems on the path to a more peaceful, happier world. 

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