ES Principal

At CHIST, we believe that each child has the ability and responsibility to achieve greatness. As a community of learners, it is our duty to guide and lead students to become the best version of themselves in order to better our local, regional, and global community. 

ES Principal - Brad Leonard

Our students, meaningful learning, and community support are what set CHIST apart. We take great pride in the creativity our students have to offer. As a staff, we take student interests to heart and push them to strive for a deeper understanding of their world. Students, staff, and families take great pride in knowing that we are located in the center of one of the largest cities in the world. Each day, our students are inspired by the deep history that our community has to offer and purposefully spend time reflecting on how they can positively influence our world. 

Our Student First model puts the student in charge of their learning, with guidance from caring individuals that are able to provide a challenging and nurturing environment. All members of the CHIST community are expected to learn and grow alongside one another. We believe that everyone is a role model. By learning from each other, with each other, and guiding others, we believe our learning community will become a strong network of learners. 

At CHIST, we believe students learn from a multitude of experience. Our students learn from their community, from each other, and will be given the tools to learn from the larger global community at their doorstep.

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