Head of School

Around the world, the mission of international schools is changing. Today’s children will grow to be true global citizens, living beyond the borders of any one country; international schools must rise to the challenge of educating at a rigorous, global standard that will allow students a wide, evolving perspective on their journeys. A multifaceted, flexible worldview is vital for these children of the future who will live beyond borders. To work together with people from all over the world, to align themselves with global ideologies, like the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, must be a part of our educational mission. At the same time, we can not forget the inherent beauty of an international school that forges its rich identity by incorporating the culture, tradition, and manner of its host country. 

Head of School - Hirokazu Osako

Welcome to our school, Chiyoda International School (CHIST), a school grounded in the vibrant yet safe and caring capital city of Japan: Tokyo. As an international school, CHIST will achieve a global standard of education for all our students as we develop our unique identity as a school. Our governing body, Musashino University, is an educational institute founded on Buddhist ideals. We at CHIST are dedicated to creating a fertile, meaningful learning environment, welcoming children from any country, culture, or religion. As one world, we will learn together. 

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