MS & HS Principal

Greetings, Prospective and Current Students and Families!

Welcome to the banquet of lifelong learning! Welcome to CHIST!

As the Middle School and High School Principal of Chiyoda International School, I believe that every student is a Very Important Person; and the quality of every student’s present and future can be greatly enhanced by the quality of his or her education. As educators, welcoming every student to the banquet of lifelong learning is our most essential duty. Every student is entitled to feel a sense of welcome and belonging in his or her school community, an acknowledgement that he or she is a Very Important Person there. This is the student-centered organizing principle of everything we do here. This focus on every student’s success – and especially on every student’s sense of belonging - informs the decisions of our whole school community, inviting and encouraging students, teachers, parents, families, board members, and other community members to work together in support of that goal.

Because every student’s educational experience is very important, and because educational time is limited and vitally important, we insist on carefully articulated and aligned curriculum, differentiated for diverse learners and adapted to local community needs and requirements. We are proud of our blend of Global Standard Curriculum with selected elements of the Japanese National Curriculum (especially in math and Japanese language). We endorse a holistic approach to education and to community-building, grounding our approaches to teaching and learning in current educational research. We emphasize that all of us are always growing and that our efforts can make us smarter and stronger.

Engaging students by honoring their questions and encouraging their curiosity, we espouse inquiry-based learning. This means guiding students to understand and take ownership of their own learning, while providing them with access to a balanced, comprehensive curriculum that will equip them for happy and productive 21st century global citizenship. Accordingly, we have chosen to offer a full continuum of International Baccalaureate programs. We have already gained candidacy status for our elementary (grades one through five) and diploma (grades eleven and twelve) programs, and we plan to submit our middle years application at the earliest possible date (June, 2019). These programs will support our students in a balanced program of academic, physical, personal and social growth, culminating in a prestigious diploma recognized by established universities worldwide.

Understanding that highly skilled teachers make a substantial and measurable positive difference in every classroom, we employ the best qualified educators and support their continual professional growth.  At CHIST, students can expect welcoming classrooms featuring frequent communications between teachers and other community members. Mentoring, advocacy, regular formal and informal observations, planned time for collaboration, continuing professional development, and appropriate material supports enable our teachers to be the kind of confident, inclusive, savvy top professionals that uplift young people’s hearts and minds while inspiring maximum academic and personal growth.

Every family wants what is best for his or her child. Highly successful families want to replicate that success for their children. All families want their children to lead rich and fulfilling lives, and respect and connection are key to that. The whole school community shares in the high hopes of families for their children, and a school must help students access the cultural capital they will need to assume meaningful, respected roles within their chosen communities, both local and global; to maintain supportive networks within those communities; and to make the educated, well-informed choices necessary to maintain the health and integrity of those communities.

Understanding and respecting both the importance of every student’s education and also the need to comply with a wide range of regulations and other practical demands, CHIST governing authorities seek to cooperate with families and other stakeholders to make the most of our school’s potential. By collaborating with and encouraging one another, students, parents, teachers, coaches, mentors, administrators, and all community members can prepare and enjoy the great feast of lifelong learning at CHIST.

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