North Gate

Newly completed in December 2017 and equipped with state-of-the-art, sophisticated facilities to best support our students, we are proud of our CHIST learning spaces. As trees symbolizes growth and wisdom, the design of the school evokes a sense of large and varied trees, watching over and nurturing our students' academic, social and emotional development.

Our focus on dynamic communication between teachers, students and among our students themselves is reflected in the layout of the school, with multiple-purpose, communal spaces on each floor. Our building is also designed with advanced protective systems as part of our school wide security policy to ensure students’ daily safety. 

The symbolism of the Bodhi tree is reflected in our architectural planning. The pilotis, the pillared pathway running alongside the school entrance, uses green wall tiles and spatial partitioning to evoke the image of a flourishing Bodhi tree.

Students will use the pathway daily to and from the main entrance of the school.

Communication Lounge

The Bodhi is considered a sacred tree; according to Buddhist texts, under its leafy branches the Buddha achieved enlightenment.

CHIST Communication Lounge evokes this tradition with objet d'art modeled after the bodhi tree, offering a gathering place that welcomes all to our school. 

The CHIST Resource Center acts as a hub of learning for our students and wider community. Featuring blended spaces, there are areas for solitary contemplation or reading, group activities or discussions, and a cozy, heated floor space for our younger students.

Fostering literacy across both English and Japanese, our Resource Center offers a wide range of print, digital books and resource materials carefully selected by the CHIST community for both research and reading proficiency.

CHIST emphasizes collaborative learning, and each classroom space reflects our interactive approach. A large whiteboard fills the space at the front of each room, and PC’s, tablets, projectors, and internet accessibility are standard as a fundamental part of CHIST’s UbT commitment.

Each classroom is therefore technologically functional as a computer room, while the desks, chairs, and other furniture are easily shifted to provide various spaces for communication and collaborative work, aligning with our UbC balanced approach to technology in learning.

CHIST proudly displays students’ work on the hallways outside each classroom as an opportunity to further reflect and collaborate with others in the learning process. 


CHIST hallways are deliberately constructed wider than average to facilitate broad and open thinking in our students and allowing space for comfortable face to face interactions, another example of how architectural design firmly aligns with our educational philosophy. 


The CHIST gymnasium is a multi-purpose space used for physical education classes, after-school club activities, and for school-wide meetings and presentations.

CHIST Student Safety System

CHIST launched a school commute safety system as part of its daily commitment to ensuring student well being and security. Students check in and out each day with their IC card which notifies parents and guardians of their arrival and departure from school. All externally-linked entrances and exits are equipped with security cameras.

The front gate is secured with an electronic lock to prevent unauthorized entry. During arrival and dismissal, students are welcomed by security staff.