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North-side Exterior View



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CHIST  Campus

A State-of-the-Art School

Construction of our new school building has been completed in December 2017.
It will be equipped with all of the sophisticated facilities and equipment needed to implement our cutting-edge educational program.
The design of the school evokes a sense of “large and varied trees” watching over and nurturing the students’ development.
The school will be a place of dynamic communication among teachers and students, and among the students themselves, fostering deep learning.
Further, advanced crime prevention systems are being introduced as part of the comprehensive security measures we will utilize to ensure students’ daily safety.
, 12. 12, 2017
From CHIST School Building/CHIST校舎より 13, 137, 444,
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, 11. 06, 2017
From CHIST Construction site/CHIST校舎建築現場より 3 13, 137, 444,
, 10. 20, 2017
From CHIST Construction site/CHIST校舎建築現場より 2 13, 137, 444,

CHIST Security Measures

  • We will introduce a school commute safety system which electronically notifies parents and guardians when their children arrive at school (and check in with their IC card).
  • All externally-linked entrances and exits will be equipped with security cameras.
    The front gate will be equipped with an electronic lock to keep strangers from entering the school.
  • When the students come to the school/leave the school, the front gate will be manned by security staff.

CHIST  Campus


Resource Center
This space, which is stocked with books and resources carefully selected by an experienced librarian in collaboration with the other members of the teaching staff, is devoted to fostering a deeper understanding through topical research, solitary contemplation and group discussion among students. This place is truly the school’s “learning epicenter”. Students are also free to study on their own in the Resource Center after school. And within the Resource Center, a separate space for younger elementary school children to sit on the (heated) floor and read books is also incorporated. On top of all this, ample electronic books are also made available.

entrance with chairs

Objet d’art modeled after the bo tree and benches occupy this space which exists as a gathering place that transcends differences like age and ethnicity. The bo tree is known as a “sacred tree,” because it is said that the Buddha achieved enlightenment while sitting beneath one. We plan to use the entrance as place to display the projects, videos and other works that the students produce.


North-side Exterior View
The main gate through which students enter and exit the school is located on the north side. The Resource Center and Gymnasium are visible in the foreground, while the classrooms are visible in the background.


South-side Exterior View
On the southern side of the school, the large windows of each classroom (from floors three to five) let in warm sunlight to illuminate the students at their studies. The eaves above the windows are painted in different colors: green for the third floor, yellow for the fourth and red for the fifth. These colors represent the stages of growth - leaves then flowers then fruit - of the bo tree. These three colors also represent the themes of each floor, all of which together create a colorfully diverse international school.


This area serves as a pathway connecting to the school entrance and, as such, the green wall tiles, as well as the plants and spatial partitioning, are designed to evoke the imagery of a flourishing bo tree. Every day the students pass through here entering and leaving the school.


Our educational approach is fundamentally collaborative, and this is reflected in the fact the front of each classroom is filled almost entirely by a whiteboard. PCs, tablets, projectors and the Internet are all indispensable parts of UbT education and are, therefore, standard parts of each classroom. This means that each classroom is able to function as a computer room. In addition, space is set aside on the hallway-side wall for displaying students’ work.


Hallways are open spaces that facilitate broad and open thinking in students, which in turn contributes to the creation of a school culture saturated with the ideals for which CHIST strives.


This area is used for multiple purposes including physical education classes and after-school club activities, as well as for class results presentations.


We have an extensive and spacious athletic field as large as two junior football pitches (about 8,000m2) in Kodaira city in Tokyo.