CHIST utilizes nutrition education as a means of promoting healthy physical development of students.

For lunch, students are welcome to bring homemade lunches to school, or they can order healthy and delicious options prepared with love by a lunch vendor.
Students eat lunch together every day and learn about the importance and joys of food while consuming the nutrition they need for healthy development.
Further, students will have opportunities to deepen their understanding of the food they eat, such as learning about how it is created and shipped, how their bodies digest and absorb it and how food builds and shapes culture.

Sample menu


・Salmon with homemade tartar source
・Sauteed Common beans and beacon
・Boiled tomato and okra
・Chinese chop chae
・Boiled potato


・Stuffed pepper
・Ginger shrimp
・Potato salad
・Oven baked snap garden pea
・Kinpira noodle


・Japanese grilled Spanish mackerel (Yuan Yaki)
・Spinach Quiche
・Macaroni salad
・Marinated tomato


・Beef and pepper oyster source stew
・Fried Harusame noodle and Tofu noodle in Chinese style
・Marinated tomato in honey lemon source
・Cone and edamame with dressing
・Chinese water spinach salad


・Grilled horse mackerel with mastered mayo
・Bacon cabbage stew
・Sweet potato with lemon
・Fried eggplant and pea sprouts
・Pickled watermelon radish in sweet vinegar


・Diced stake with vegetables
・Deep fried salmon
・Boiled cabbage with salted seaweed
・Sliced carrot (Ninjin Shirishiri)
・Corn salad
Rice is also served in the lunch box.

Food restrictions such as food allergies
or religious needs can be consulted.

Ordering Lunch

  • Lunch orders can be placed directly online through the lunch vendor’s website.
  • Menu items and allergen information can be found on the website.
  • Lunches can be ordered for a specific day or days. Simply select the day or days that you would like lunch provided.
  • The lunch vendor will provide the lunch box; however, each student will need to provide his or her own chopsticks, spoon and fork.