, 10. 24, 2017
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CHIST Speech on education & School Info Sessions in Kuala Lumpur & Bangkok /CHIST教育講演会&学校説明会 in Kuala Lumpur & Bangkok

We will be holding the Speech on education & School Info Sessions (in Japanese) in Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok!

The sessions will start with the speech on the theme of “International School as an option”, and then the presentation on “Education at CHIST” will be given by the Head of School, Mr. Hirokazu Osako.

It will be concluded with Q&A session, and for those who would like to talk individually to Mr. Osako, we are also going to have some time for individual consultation!


●Institute of Training and Development, KL

Nov. 11, 10:00-11:30: Speech & School Info Session (Japanese)

              11:30-13:30: Individual Consultaion (20min X 6 families)

more information : here

(Please include the name of your child and date of birth of your child in the email.)

●Asok InterchangeBuil Lfloor, Pesonnel Consultant semminar room, Bangkok

Nov. 12, 9:30-11:30: Speech & School Info Session (Japanese)

                afternoon:   Individual Consultaion

more information:     here

website:                sow-ed.com
(Please sign up from the section "School Info Session & Lecture")

We look forward to seeing you all!


当日は、CHIST Head of Schoolによる「インターナショナルスクールという選択」をテーマにした講演と、「CHISTの教育」についてのプレゼンテーション、質疑応答、個別面談を予定しています。


● クアラルンプール、ITD

11月11日, 10:00-11:30: 講演会&学校説明会 (日本語)

                 11:30-13:30: 個別面談 (20分 X 最大6組)


● バンコク、アソークInterchangeBuil L階 Pesonnel Consultant セミナールーム

11月12日, 9:30-11:30: 講演会&学校説明会 (日本語)

                   午後: 個別面談


ホームページ:  sow-ed.com