, 02. 06, 2018
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Announcement on program in after school / 放課後のプログラムについて

We would like to inform you about some programs in after school at CHIST.
The followings are planning to be offered to who are interested in.

[Tuesday and Thursday, 3pm-4pm]
We will offer club activities provided by CHIST teachers. Details will be forthcoming, and may change depending on student interests.

[Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: 3pm-6pm, Tuesday and Thursday: 4pm-6pm]
We will offer an After School Care program provided by an outsourcing company.
There will be a variety of cultural, sports or academic activities delivered by professional experts in the respective fields.

These After School Care programs will only be offered to CHIST students.
【火・木曜日 15:00~16:00】
【月・水・金曜日 15:00~18:00、火・木曜日 16:00~18:00】