, 07. 09, 2018
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CHIST Event Information 2018 Summer / 2018夏 CHISTイベント情報

Greetings from CHIST!

We would like to inform you of CHIST Admission Events.
Please sign-up from our website →  Elementary / Middle & High
We look forward to seeing you at the events.

School Info Session
Date & Time: Aug. 2 (Thu.), 2018 10:00-12:00
Detail: Head of School Mr. Osako introduce CHIST in Japanese. After the presentation, a school tour will be offered.
School Tour by Head of School in Summer 2018
Date & Time: July 19 (Thu.), 2018 starting from 10:00am
             July 24 (Tue.), 2018 starting from 11:00am
Estimated tour time: 45 minutes
Capacity: 7 families
【For applicants who wish to enroll Middle/High School】
Meet the Principal
Date & Time: This event will start at the end of August.
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 3PM to 6PM, or Friday 10AM to 6PM,
Individual counseling sessions and school tours will be offered by the Middle and High School Principal.
One session takes approximately 45minutes
*The sessions will be conducted in English.
Meet the Teachers
Date & Time: September 8 (Sat.) 10:00 to 12:00AM
 October 9 (Tue.) 6:00 to 7:30PM
 October 27 (Sat.) 2:00 to 4:00PM
The event will be delivered by the Middle School and High
School Principal and some teachers to present our middle
school and high school program.
*The session will be conducted in English.
【For applicants who wish to enroll Elementary school】
School Tour by Elementary Principal
Date & Time: Every Wednesday in September 2018, starting from 9:00am
When to apply: Every week we will accept applications from Mon. to Thu. for the next weeks school tour.
Estimated tour time: 45 minutes  Capacity: 5 families

ぜひお越しください!お申し込みはこちらから→ 初等部 / 中・高等部(英語ページのみ)


日時: 8月2日 (木)10時~12時
詳細: Head of Schoolの大迫より、CHISTについてご紹介いたします(日本語でのご紹介となります)。その後、スクールツアーを開催いたします。
Head of School によるスクールツアー
日時: 7月19日 (木)10時~
          7月24日 (火)11時~
所要時間: 約45分
定員: 7 家族
Meet the Principal
日時: 8月末より開催いたします
火曜、水曜、木曜日15時~18時、または金曜日 10時~18時

Meet the Teachers
日時: 9月8日 (土) 10時~12時
 10月9日 (火) 18時~19時30分
 10月27日 (土) 14時~16時
日時: 2018年9月の毎週水曜日 午前9時~
所要時間: 約45 分  定員: 5 家族