, 09. 14, 2018
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We have begun accepting applications for Middle and High School! / 中等部・高等部の出願受付を開始しました

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We will open our Middle School (G6) and High School (G10) in April 2019, and to assist in making your choice, we have uploaded the application documents to the Admission page. We started accepting applications from September and we be ready to start entrance testing individually after October. We are looking forward to receiving your application.

◆Application documents ⇒ https://www.chist.jp/admission/
◆Middle and High School page ⇒ https://www.chist.jp/education/middlehigh-lp.html
Questions regarding applications and entrance exams ⇒ admission@chist.jp


◆出願書類はこちら https://www.chist.jp/jp/admission/
◆中等部・高等部のページはこちら https://www.chist.jp/education/middlehigh-lp.html
出願や入試に関するご質問はこちらまで admission@chist.jp