, 01. 25, 2019
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Middle and High School admission event ”The Art and Science of Chocolate” / 中高希望者向けイベントを開催します

Current and aspiring Middle Schoolers and their families are invited to experience fun, informative, and interactive mini-lessons and displays about chocolate in art, science, history, literature and film. Students will . . .

• Examine whether there is a link between the temperature and taste of chocolate with Science Teacher Mr. Roberts!
• Stroll through a gallery of chocolate in the humanities and then shoot the choco-ball to win prizes with History Teacher Mr. Seibert!
• Solve real-life chocolate games and puzzles with Math Teacher Ms. Labastin!
• Draw and color realistic chocolate pods with Art Teacher Mr. Beaugeard!

Title: The Art and Science of Chocolate -A Chocolate Festival for Students in Grades Five through Ten!-
Date: Saturday, February 16, 2019, 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Venue: CHIST 5F

In between sampling chocolate lessons and nibbling chocolate treats, students and their families may enjoy the annual Chiyoda International School Tokyo Student Art Exhibit, on display in the same area. All of the festivities will be held on the fifth floor of our brand-new, purpose-built school building, showcasing the preparations our experienced team of teachers has been making for the opening of grades six and ten in April, 2019.

Students and families now in grades five and older, please register online.



タイトル: The Art and Science of Chocolate
日時: 2019年2月16日(土)15~17時
会場: 本校5階