Privacy Policy

Personal Information Protection Policy of Musashino University Educational Foundation

Musashino University Educational Foundation (hereinafter "the University") acknowledges that properly protecting information that can be used to identify individuals (hereinafter "Personal Information") is part of the University's social responsibility. The University hereby sets forth the following Personal Information Protection Policy regarding proper handling of Personal Information and undertakes to ensure that teaching staff fully comply with that Policy.

1. Formulation and continuous improvement of Personal Information Protection Standards
The University will formulate and steadily implement Personal Information Protection Standards to ensure that teaching staff understand the importance of protecting Personal Information, and appropriately use and protect such information. The University will also promptly improve the Standards when this is deemed necessary.

2. Collection, use, and provision of Personal Information
The University will explicitly specify the purposes of use of Personal Information, and use such collected information only to the extent necessary for providing educational services. The University will not provide or disclose collected personal information to any third party without the consent of the information owner, except when required by law.

3. Management of Personal Information
The University will establish a system to manage Personal Information protection in accordance with the state of operations performed at the University, and will handle personal information in an appropriate manner in accordance with that system. The University will perform proper management of Personal Information by taking necessary security measures to prevent the loss, destruction, alteration, or leakage of, or unauthorized access to, such information.

4. Compliance with Laws and Regulations concerning Personal Information
The University will comply with all laws and regulations—and guidelines, etc. set forth by the University—concerning the protection of Personal Information.

5. Management and supervision of external contractors
When outsourcing the handling of Personal Information to external contractors, the University will perform appropriate management and supervision of those contractors.

6. Disclosure, correction, or deletion of Personal Information
If the University receives a request for an inquiry on, correction of, or deletion of Personal Information from the information owner, the University will respond to that request as soon as reasonably possible.

Contact for inquiries regarding personal information
Musashino University (General Affairs Office, General Affairs Division)
TEL: 03-5530-7372
FAX: 03-5530-3814